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 TCS Decoders

Please click on the Add to Cart buttons below to order through PayPal. To order using a major credit card, please call our Manchester store and Dave will be happy to take your order.

Please call our Manchester store for any item not listed here and Dave can special-order it for you.

Please allow 7-10 days delivery time for all orders, website or special-order. Website items will ship the next day. We ship via the U.S. Postal Service.

Please contact Dave at the Manchester store for what engines each Decoder listed will run.
M1 Two-Function Decoder M1 29.50

M4 Four-Function Decoder M4 $35.80

T1 Hard Wire or Harness Decoder T1 $21.40

ALD4 Atlas Decoder ALD4 $39.20

AMD4 Atlas Decoder AMD4 $39.20

ASD4 Atlas Decoder ASD4 $39.20

CN-GP Atlas Split Lite Board CN-GP $35.10

EUN651 6-Pin Inline Socket EUN651 29.95

IMD4 Intermountain Decoder IMD4 $39.20

IMF4 Intermountain Decoder IMF4 $39.20

Kato E8/E9, PA, P42 Decoder KOD8-A $39.20

Kato F Units Decoder KOD8-B $39.20

Kato ES44 Family Decoder KOD8-C $39.20

Kato B Units Decoder KOD8-D $39.20

Kato E5/E6 Decoder KOD8-E $39.20

K1D4 Kato Decoder K1D4 $39.20

K1D4-NC Kato Decoder K1D4-NC $39.20

K2D4 Kato Decoder K2D4 $39.20

K3D3 Kato Decoder K3D3 $39.20

K4-LK MP36 Lite Kit K4-LK $13.70

K4-D6 Kato MP46 Decoder K4-D6 $39.20

L1D4 Life-Like Decoder L1D4 $39.20

Z2 Smallest Decoder Z2 $39.20

KA1 2-5 second Keep-Alive Decoder KA1 $22.40

KA12 2-5 Second Keep-Alive Decoder
with T1 Decoder
KA12 $40.00

Kato F40PH New Version w/marker lites K5D7 $39.20

1/4 " Kapton Tape   $12.00

1/2 " Kapton Tape   $17.50

T3.5 Harness   $6.85